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Introducing DuitNow QR for WooCommerce!

A seamless payment solution that allows you to accept DuitNow QR Code payments on your online store.

DuitNow Phone

DuitNow QR for WooCommerce

With DuitNow QR, Malaysians can easily make payments and receive funds from any participating Bank and eWallet with just one QR code.

Streamline your payment process and increase customer convenience with DuitNow QR for WooCommerce.

Dronifion DuitNow Screen
WooCommerce Administration Page
Dronifion DuitNow Screen
WooCommerce Customer Checkout Page

Get our intuitive plugin! It is an essential tool for any blogger’s toolkit!

This plugin is a must-have for bloggers looking to streamline their daily work.

Dronifion Blog Post Helper

With just one activation, you’ll have access to real-time statistics on your blog post.

Easily add your WordPress blog’s statistical information on your blog post.

Allow administrator or shop manager to manage its settings on the fly.

Administration Page
Blogpost Helper in Action!
Blogpost Helper in Action!
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